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Face to Face is a section of interviews published daily, from Tuesday to Saturday, in Sabadell's local newspaper, Diari de Sabadell. Since the first interview was published on the 18th of May 1982, around 4000 interviews have been published with as many personalities from local, national and international life. This section, created by Víctor Colomer, is characterised by its' agility, immediacy and a strong sense of current journalism.

The attraction of "Face to Face, is in the unusual or surprising aspects of its' personalities. Through this window of the local newspaper, we can meet a Spanish Omelette maker, a housewife who has won a local soup-making competition, the woman who's water heater fell on top of her while she slept, another who worships Grace Kelly on an altar, a man who descended the Ebro river in a barrel, another who swears he is "accident prone", as he has already had over a dozen serious accidents of different types, and as a result has broken both arms and legs on a number of occasions.

Along side these friendly local personalities, whose attraction lies in their unusual experiences, we also meet others from Sabadell who have personally experienced historical world events.

People from Sabadell who "were there"

True to the ecological proverb "think globally, act locally", "Face to Face" has discovered people from Sabadell who were present at the Tianamen Square Massacre, the Chernobyl Disaster, the Libyan War, the Coup d'Etat in Moscow, the Normandy Landing, the last Argelian Revolution or the Iran-Iraq War.

During the six-month period before and after the Gulf War conflict, thirty people connected with Sabadell gave their opinions : From the Spanish Consul in Abu-Dhabi ( a man from Sabadell) to the foreign correspondent for the newspaper La Vanguardia in Riad(also from Sabadell), as well as a professor of sociology at Barcelona's Autonoma University (Bellaterra) , who blames women for all the wars in the history of man.

Moreover, a young girl from Sabadell, who was studying Russian, was standing on the same balcony as Boris Yeltsin, when he proclaimed the new democracy before the crowds, and her photo appeared in the international press. A couple from Sabadell, crossed the Berlin Wall the night it was taken down, taking part in one of the most unexpected and beautiful parties witnessed in modern society. Others were in the ill-fated coach in Poland, witnessed the Kurd bomb in the market in Istambul, spent New Year's Eve with Julio Iglesias, or experienced first hand the effects of the earthquake in San Francisco or the hurricane in Miami.

The Celebrities

Fans of newspaper archives will find a long list of celebrities in the fifteen year long existence of Face to Face. Any famous celebrity who passes through Sabadell, inevitably appears in Face to Face, if they haven't already done so in previous years.

Three Nobel Prize winners : the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Pérez Esquivel have appeared in this section. The President José Maria Aznar, the ex vice-president Narcís Serra, all the party leaders in Catalan politics (Roca, Ribó, Vidal-Quadras, Colom...) and other Spanish and foreign politicians have been quizzed by Víctor Colomer.

However many have been "victims" of Face to Face as well, for example renowned artists ( from Roy Lichtenstein to Mariscal as well as Subirachs), actors (from Salvador Távora to Nùria Espert as well as Sergi Mateu), musicians ( from Jordi Savall to Miguel Bosé as well as Albert Plà) sporting personalities ( from Cruyff to Sánchez-Vicario as well as Manuel Estitarte), businessmen, bankers, bishops, magicians,gurus.....

A lot and much more, "de tot i més" because that is what Face to Face is, it's like a sewing-box full of all kinds of goodies.

This section is published indiscriminately in Castillian or Catalan, with the aim of a healthy 50% representation of both languages, and is the only Sabadell newspaper available in Internet to date.